Morning Sermons

 June172018More than Happy: The EssentialPhilippians 1:12-18Ian Kayser
 June102018More Than Happy: TogetherPhilippians 1:1-11Ian Kayser
 June32018Life at the CrossroadsPsalm 1Ian Kayser
 May272018Pulled Away from the One NecesLuke 10:38-42Billy Dempsey
 May202018Why God Gives GraceTitus 2:11-15Guy Waters
 May132018Tempest, Tranquility, and TerrMark 4:35-41Step Morgan
 May62018To Serve with DistinctionJoshua 1:1-9Guy Richardson
 April292018One Another1 John 3:11-18Ian Kayser
 April222018Sin Slaying SonsRomans 8: 12-17Seth Starkey
 April152018Into the WildGenesis 28: 10-22Wiley Lowry
 April82018Could Someone Build A Temple AMatthew 5:2-12Wayne Herring
 April12018The Empty Promises of Easter1 Corinthians 15:12-26Guy Richardson
 March42018The Art of Following JesusMatthew 8:18-27Ian Kayser
 February182018What Do We Do About Our Sin?I John 1:5-2:11Seth Starkey
 February112018(partial) The Irreplaceable InI John 1:1-4Seth Starkey
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